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Deep Roots provides practical answers and strategies. Following are some essential signature gifts to help you get a grasp of the core building blocks of English. Click on the free download of your choice.

Download your free quiz to see if students have acquired the Deep Roots basics. Responses must be immediate and automatic. If there is hesitation, they need more practice. It’s not a ‘truth’ test’. They can answer what they like as long as it corresponds accurately to the question. (Native speakers will breeze through very quickly with 100% accuracy). Get it Here

Download your free guide on how to think in English. It is the first building block needed to acquire the language and the major cornerstone to speaking and writing correctly.

This Power Point  is a great guide for EFL teachers because it supports core acquisition points, universal language skills and is motivational for students.  What is more the lesson is modeled for you. Get it Here

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