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Leona Wellington

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“Leona’s method of explaining the structures, rules and roots of the English language are essential for every English learner. I hope people from all over the world will obtain her book because of its high quality!”

~Yusuf Alimukhammad

The Writing Center University of Nizwa, Oman

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Because national and international communication requires precision and accuracy, English is the global bridge language (lingua franca) that brings people together nationally and internationally in science, technology, entertainment and education.

The sad truth is too many students are leaving high school without being able to speak English well enough to function at a university level. They might get low TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Test) scores because their comprehension levels are so poor they can’t understand English textbooks, and lack the writing skills to complete final year projects.


So why is the educational system failing them and their teachers?


I believe today’s inflexible curriculums aren’t designed to meet even the most basic student needs. Because young and adult learners often intimidated by, and frightened of, the complexity of the language (that’s difficult even for individuals proficient in English), they drop out from school, or sadly sometimes cheat on tests in order to pass.

Then once they graduate from high school and/or college, good job opportunities pass them by due to difficulties with speaking and writing in English.

Because teachers often struggle to find better ways to ensure their students have the tools necessary to succeed once they leave school, my comprehensive teaching program includes…

materials that will help teachers effectively and efficiently improve their students’ mastery of reading and writing in English.

a weekly blog with tips and techniques to help teachers bring back the joy of learning into their classroom.   Visit my blog

presentations packed with valuable information to help teachers be more effective to their students. information and didactic activities.

workshops that cover core essentials and foundational structure of the English language in a hands-on, practical and fun way. Visit my workshop


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