I will post a blog once a week and the content usually flows from one blog to another. Blogs will revolve around key issues with language acquisition and teaching English approached from different angles. Watch for upcoming tips and other free resources.

The Orderly Nature of it,Staggers the Mind

Did you answer last week’s million-dollar question or are you going to perish in the quicksand of confusion? The answer to last week’s question is ORDER, yes simply order. English has a very strict word order and that is Subject/Verb/Object. It is a SVO language yet...

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Don’t Tell Me This All We Have to Do!

Of course this is not all we have to do!! But, last week we said that the Key Language Skills are:  Statements Questions Answers Negatives Imperatives Practicing them is just setting the stage for now, assuming your students are advanced enough to practice them. If...

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Vital Tips for Second Language Acquisition

Can Your Students Speak Upside-down and Backwards, in the Dark? Has a tech expert ever taught you a procedure by whizzing through all the steps as you stand by helplessly and watch? Because he whizzed through the steps, he assumes you got it! In fact, you may have to...

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