Upcoming Book:

Do you strive for your EFL students to prepare to get their university degrees and become competent professionals in the global community?

Are you afraid they can’t cope with English or pass their proficiency tests to be able to compete?

Are constantly frustrated about their ability to cope with English in today’s world?

Then my upcoming book is for you.

It is also for all those who love language acquisition and English.

I will share proven strategies based on 30 years of teaching experience based on how to make learning English fun, easy and efficient. You will be guided by the essential components and methodologies to make your classes student-driven while maintaining the core elements for accurate production.

Among the things covered in the book are how to:

Use psychomotor skills to help students acquire difficult aspects of English.

Capitalize on right brain techniques for acquiring left brain language skills.

Motivate students who are not motivated.

The importance of acquisition as opposed to learning

How to deal with administrative impediments

How to juggle the best methodologies

This books will take you from the theory to the practice.

I have been researching this for many years but the urgency to write it happened when I began teaching university students and was appalled by their sparse command of a language they had been studying for many years and needed for today’s challenges.

They knew the grammar; they had the academic vocabulary; They were about to graduate from university to go out into the professional world, yet they could not form a correct sentence or question in English!

I asked myself, “Is it too late for these students?” Can we take them back to the Deep Roots of the language even if it somehow means going back to basics? The answer to this and much more will be found in the book.

If you are wondering how this is possible, ask yourself this question:

 What are the simple mechanics that power the world’s biggest language?

You will find these out in my book — and you will marvel at the simplicity which is neatly hidden in the Deep Roots of English. After reading this book, you are likely to exclaim:

“I knew this all along! But I didn’t know that I knew it so I never made sure my students acquired it!”

Below is a working title and cover for the book. Please leave comments or suggestions:


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