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Are your students struggling to learn effective English language communication skills?


Are they held back from job opportunities due to difficulties with speaking and filling forms?


If you are teaching in a foreign country, at the university level your students may be getting low TOEFL or IELTS scores. Their comprehension may be so poor that they can’t understand their English textbooks, and lack the writing skills to complete their final year projects.

English learners around the globe are often terrified of their required English classes and resort to cheating to pass requirements. They may not be able to understand spoken English, or speak English fluently when they graduate from high school.

Simple communication skills do not guarantee global competence in English!

English is the bridge language (lingua franca) which leads science, technology, entertainment and education. Mastering English is a must as international communication requires precision and accuracy.

Where or why is the system failing?

The established curriculum is not designed to meet the needs of the students.
I can tell you three important things:

 Students want to be accurate; they don’t make mistakes on purpose.

 Teachers want to find the most effective ways to insure that students are successful.

 I have materials that will help you effectively improve your students mastery of spoken/written English.

I have a blog  available to you, that will offer weekly tips for helping you with your classes and uncover hidden weaknesses.   Visit my blog

I have speaking presentation, which are packed with information and didactic activities.

I have workshops available that will cover core essentials and offer the necessary structure, in a hands on and practical way. Visit my workshop